Conquering Slopes: My Dream Ski Trip Turned Reality

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Conquering Slopes My Dream Ski Trip Turned Reality

My skiing adventure began like a dream come true. Nestled in the lap of luxury, Jed and I were spoilt for choice at our hotel, equipped with an array of amenities including a ski shop, movie theater, bowling alley, spa, fitness center, and a variety of dining options. Despite the thrill of returning to vlogging, losing my camera on the flight dampened my spirits slightly. Moreover, my novice skiing skills compared to Jed’s expertise added to my nerves.

Day one on the slopes was a challenging ordeal for me. Despite numerous tumbles, Jed’s patience was a silver lining. Our evening unwound at a cozy bar over dinner, with episodes of Love Island playing in the background. I toyed with the idea of indulging in a drink but decided against it.

The following day, I braved the slopes again, improving slightly and enjoying myself more. Our night out at the club Coco Rico was a blast, filled with dancing and laughter.

However, the trip took a turn on its final day when a fall on a beginner’s slope led to a knee injury. An ambulance ride and hospital visit later, I was diagnosed with a torn ACL requiring surgery. Despite the setback, I was thankful for Jed’s unwavering support and that my injury wasn’t worse. I promised my viewers an update in my next vlog, thinking it was the trip’s conclusion.

But the true ending was yet to come. Awakening in my bed the next day, I realized the entire ski trip was a vivid dream. Though initially disappointed, the dream’s allure lingered, leaving me yearning for a real adventure.

This desire propelled me into action. After a routine day, a chance encounter with a travel agency while walking home sparked an idea. Sharing my dream with the agent, I set the wheels in motion for an actual ski trip.

Soon, I found myself en route to the French Alps, staying at a hotel as luxurious as the one in my dream. The mountains were just as majestic, the snow just as pristine. A mix of excitement and apprehension filled me as I faced the slopes again.

This time, my lessons paid off—I didn’t fall once. I embraced skiing with newfound confidence, culminating in a successful run down a challenging black slope. Celebrating my achievements, I enjoyed the nightlife and even allowed myself a drink, mindful of my limits.

On the trip’s final day, I conquered a green slope without a single fall, a triumphant moment that filled me with joy. Returning home, I was not only sun-kissed but also rich with unforgettable memories and a sense of personal accomplishment. This ski trip, once a mere figment of my imagination, had become the most memorable experience of my life.

My next plan is to visit castles and rivers across my country. Would you like to hear about this story? Let me know in the comments.


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