Aerial view of Cardiff showcasing the cityscape, green parks, Cardiff Bay, and the Principality Stadium.

What Is The Captial Of Wales

Daniel Keer

Cardiff has been the proud capital of Wales since 1955 and represents a core part of the nation’s identity. With ...

Snow-covered country road after a heavy snowfall in South Wales, UK, showcasing a serene winter landscape.

Snowfall in Wales: A Winter Guide For 2024

Daniel Keer

Yes, it does snow in Wales. Located on the western side of the UK, Wales experiences a varied climate, with ...

Artist's impression of a proposed ferry that could link Wales with Cornwall

Is There a Ferry from Wales to Cornwall? Unveiling the Future of Coastal Travel

Daniel Keer

Can You Get a Ferry from Wales to Cornwall? The short answer to whether you can get a ferry directly ...

Two sheep by a mountain lake in Snowdonia National Park, the largest national park in Wales, showcasing the park's diverse terrain and natural beauty.

What Is The Largest National Park in Wales

Kieran Doodi

The largest park in Wales is Snowdonia National Park, an expansive and majestic area that extends over 2,142 square kilometres. ...

Map of the United Kingdom with a red pin marking the location of Cardiff in Wales.

Discovering Cardiff: A Vibrant Cultural Hub and Where to Find It

Kieran Doodi

Cardiff, the bustling capital of Wales, is situated in the south-eastern region of the country. It serves as the political, ...

Overhead panoramic view of St David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire, Wales, showcasing its historical architecture amidst the lush countryside.

St David’s Cathedral: The Largest Cathedral in Wales

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Welsh cathedrals are not just architectural marvels but also embodiments of the nation’s rich history and culture. Nestled in the ...

Aerial view of Clywedog Reservoir, the highest dam in Wales, surrounded by lush landscape.

Discovering Clywedog Reservoir: The Highest Dam in Wales

Daniel Keer

The highest dam in Wales is the Clywedog Reservoir. It is located near Llanidloes, Powys. The dam was built primarily ...

The Smalls Lighthouse standing tall on a rocky outcrop in the sea, with a clear blue sky in the background.

What Is The Tallest Lighthouse In Wales [Unveiled]

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Wales is renowned for its captivating coastlines and maritime history, and amongst its array of navigational aids, the Smalls Lighthouse ...

TUI Airways Boeing 737 aircraft at Cardiff Airport, with airport signage in the background.


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The question of which is the biggest airport in Wales finds its answer in the notable Cardiff Airport. Located near ...

Pierhead Building and Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, illustrating the vibrant cultural landmarks ideal for visiting in the best season.


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Wales, with its majestic landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, presents a different kind of magic in each season. From the ...