hearty bowl of Welsh Lamb Cawl, rich with tender lamb, carrots, and root vegetables, garnished with fresh parsley.

What is the National Dish of Wales

Daniel Keer

When embarking on a culinary exploration of Wales, a pressing question arises: What is the national dish of this storied ...

A participant in the Mari Lwyd tradition wearing a white robe and horse's skull adorned with autumnal flowers and ribbons, in a field with pumpkins.

What Is The Welsh Tradition Of Mari Lwyd

Daniel Keer

The Welsh tradition of Mari Lwyd is a unique celebration that happens in Wales, UK. It involves carrying around a ...

Hanan Issa, the National Poet of Wales, smiling warmly in a Cardiff park, adorned in a traditional brown hijab and a beige dress with golden trimmings, embodying the multicultural essence of modern Wales.

Who Is The National Poet Of Wales

Daniel Keer

The National Poet of Wales is a position established to celebrate and promote Welsh poetry and culture, both domestically and ...

Illustration of a red dragon, symbolizing Welsh heritage and the legacy of Welsh surnames.

What Is The Most Common Surname In Wales

Daniel Keer

In Wales, the surname ‘Jones’ stands as the most common, a testament to the country’s rich heritage and historical depth. ...

A vibrant selection of fresh vegetables including leeks, which is the national vegetable of Wales, amidst an assortment of organic produce.

What Is The National Vegetable Of Wales

Kieran Doodi

Wales, a country rich in culture and history, boasts a unique national symbol in the form of a vegetable. The ...

Close-up of a Denbigh Plum with raindrops on its surface, showcasing the lush produce of Wales.

What Is The Natioanl Fruit Of Wales [Unveiled]

Kieran Doodi

The national fruit of Wales, known as the Denbigh Plum or ‘Eirin Dinbych’ in Welsh, is a distinctive variety originating ...

Close-up of a Red Kite perched on a rock in Wales

What Is The National Bird Of Wales [Explained]

Kieran Doodi

The national bird of Wales is the Red Kite, a species with a distinctive reddish-brown body, long wings, and a ...


What Is The National Animal Of Wales [Unveiled]

Kieran Doodi

The national animal of Wales, the revered Welsh Dragon, is known as ‘Y Ddraig Goch’ (pronounced uh ‘THraig go-kh’) in ...

Illustration of a red dragon atop a green and white brushstroke design, with the text 'Wales Saint David's Day 1 March'.

What Is The National Day Of Wales

Kieran Doodi

The National Day for Wales, known as St. David’s Day, is celebrated annually on the 1st of March. This day ...

Flag bearers in traditional Celtic dress marching in the International Eisteddfod street parade in Llangollen, Wales, featuring a vibrant display of folk music and dancing.

A Cultural Tapestry: The International Eisteddfod in Llangollen, Wales

Kieran Doodi

The largest festival in Wales is the National Eisteddfod, an annual celebration of Welsh culture, language, and arts. It typically ...

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