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Two bonsai trees showcasing the diversity of bonsai gardening in the UK, with one bearing vibrant red berries and the other exhibiting a strong, twisted trunk with lush green foliage.

Top 10 Bonsai Trees for the UK Gardener

Daniel Keer

Bonsai, the art of miniature trees, captivates gardening enthusiasts worldwide, including those in the UK. However, the UK’s diverse climate, ...

Healthy cheese plant with luscious green leaves in a white pot, set against a chic and minimalist home interior.

How To Grow Cheese Plant at Home: A Guide for Beginners

Daniel Keer

The cheese plant, known scientifically as Monstera deliciosa, is a striking addition to any indoor garden, celebrated not only for ...

Collection of the best dwarf fruit trees ideal for Welsh gardens, featuring various species thriving in compact spaces.

10 Dwarf Fruit Trees Ideal for Welsh Gardens

Daniel Keer

In Wales, where every inch of garden space is precious and the climate is distinctively mild and moist, choosing the ...

Close-up of bright yellow Rudbeckia flowers with dark brown centres, symbolising the joyful colour in Welsh gardens.

52 Outdoor Plants Ideas For Welsh Gardens

Daniel Keer

Welsh gardens, with their unique climate and natural beauty, present a perfect opportunity for cultivating a wide range of outdoor ...

Collage of herb gardening in Wales, featuring planting, growing, and woodworking, embodying sustainable living.

Welsh Gardening Made Simple: Herbs in Reclaimed Wood Boxes

Daniel Keer

Gardening, a revered tradition in Wales, is increasingly embracing sustainability, especially through the use of reclaimed wood boxes. This practice ...

A collage of indoor plants including Rubber Plant, Philodendron, and more, perfect for adding a touch of green to homes in Wales.

Top 10 Indoor Plants for Enlivening Welsh Homes

Daniel Keer

Indoor gardening is a delightful way to add a touch of greenery to homes across the UK and Wales. The ...