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A man in a suit holding a sign that reads 'Minimum Wage' against a background with rising bar graphs and a global map.

What is the Minimum Wage In Wales?

Kieran Doodi

In Wales, the minimum wage in 2023 varies by age: £10.42 for those 23 and over, £10.18 for ages 21-22, ...

What are 5 interesting facts about wales.

Welsh Wonders: Unveiling Five Fascinating Facts

Daniel Keer

Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom, full of history and beautiful places. It is known ...

Aerial view of Caerphilly Castle with its concentric defenses and moats, set against the town backdrop


Kieran Doodi

The largest castle in Wales Caerphilly Castle, or ‘Caerffili. It has an impressive footprint spanning 30 acres, this medieval behemoth ...

Wrexham Uncovered: Exploring the Heart of North Wales.

Exploring the Charms of Wrexham: What Makes It a Must-Visit?

Daniel Keer

Wrexham is a special town in North Wales. It’s known for its rich history and interesting places to visit. In ...

Two bonsai trees showcasing the diversity of bonsai gardening in the UK, with one bearing vibrant red berries and the other exhibiting a strong, twisted trunk with lush green foliage.

Top 10 Bonsai Trees for the UK Gardener

Daniel Keer

Bonsai, the art of miniature trees, captivates gardening enthusiasts worldwide, including those in the UK. However, the UK’s diverse climate, ...

Autumn view of Pistyll Rhaeadr, Wales' tallest waterfall, surrounded by colourful foliage and a serene landscape.


Kieran Doodi

In the heart of Wales, amidst its stunning natural landscapes, stands the tallest waterfall in the country: Pistyll Rhaeadr. Located ...

Ruins of Chepstow Castle with tall, weathered stone walls featuring Gothic windows, set against a soft sky, surrounded by a green lawn.

What is the Oldest Castle In Wales

Kieran Doodi

Chepstow Castle, located in Monmouthshire, Wales, has a history spanning over 950 years. This longevity makes it the oldest post-Roman ...

Rugby player in action demonstrating Wales' 25-cap rule for international players


Kieran Doodi

The Wales 25 cap rule is a rule in rugby. It says that players who play for clubs outside of ...

Hanan Issa, the National Poet of Wales, smiling warmly in a Cardiff park, adorned in a traditional brown hijab and a beige dress with golden trimmings, embodying the multicultural essence of modern Wales.

Who Is The National Poet Of Wales

Daniel Keer

The National Poet of Wales is a position established to celebrate and promote Welsh poetry and culture, both domestically and ...

Illustration of a red dragon, symbolizing Welsh heritage and the legacy of Welsh surnames.

What Is The Most Common Surname In Wales

Daniel Keer

In Wales, the surname ‘Jones’ stands as the most common, a testament to the country’s rich heritage and historical depth. ...